The Pulse

The Pulse

Next India Research Foundation

  • Client Name

    Next India Research Foundation
  • Technologies

    Laravel, Angular, JavaScript


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Garage App

Vehicle Service Booking Application Prototype for Canada

Travel Ecommerce


A concept of Hyperlocal offers by retailers was converted into a business case and MVP for Android phones developed to test the market.

Apply on Demand

A US based startup is trying to change and disrupt the way the mortgage applications are initiated and dealt with by the customers and banks respectively. After their first version issues, we took over the development of the application along with creating the user experience. A simple data collection process with complex and critical verification checks as well as the precision-oriented work flow was delivered. Our client could take this product to the banks to test for the market. We also developed the web application and exported the apps for mobile in hybrid technology. We used ionic to develop apps for android and iOS devices and managed the HTML5 development.

Ishom Ecommerce

CityTadka App

A City based Community Platform