IndiChef – Business Consulting

Business Reengineering & Activation for a Cloud Kitchen

  • Project Title

    Revival of a Food Business – Process Design and Business Plan
  • Excerpt

    A Chef who worked in a café within an incubation center who’s true passion was Food was tired of his daily, monotonous routine job along with the salary which could hardly dignify his skills and art including his relationship with his customers. Hence, IndiChef was born and became a brand known in the city. But, after a collapse through a family medical situation – Chef Vandan was left with a closed down business, gradually fading brand due to non-operation, business debt, and a thousand pre-printed meal boxes. IndiChef approached Stimulus for the revival of the brand and business. The biggest challenge was to reignite the business with no money. We acted as their consulting partner with our expertise in process design and business planning along with some courage reignited the business followed by a break even point achieved within just 4 months.
  • Need/Purpose

    Revival of the brand and business of our client with minimal cost keeping in mind that the founder needs survival through this business.
  • Approach & Solution

    As Stimulus we brought in strategizing Process Design , Business Plan and execution plan. Stimulus introduced two new services through an online campaign at minimal costs. Training for Recipes and Chef at Home for the house parties! We created a lead generation campaign and IndiChef started getting orders. Our approach was to make a plan that requires using minimal costs to start as our client's biggest concern was finances and was a one person business in the start. Once the profits started pouring in, we expanded the business further. We extended our role as a consulting partner and structured the operations, logistics, business plan and launched the small outlet in the center of the city. Outlet was started with all basic processes. With the quality of food and pricing strategy, IndiChef took off locally to not cause any hurting losses for the first three months. In fourth month, business achieved breakeven. IndiChef is one of the best success stories we have created and we are still thriving to further grow the business.