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A US based startup is trying to change and disrupt the way the mortgage applications are initiated and dealt with by the customers and banks respectively. After their first version issues, we took over the development of the application along with creating the user experience. A simple data collection process with complex and critical verification checks as well as the precision-oriented work flow was delivered. Our client could take this product to the banks to test for the market. We also developed the web application and exported the apps for mobile in hybrid technology. We used ionic to develop apps for android and iOS devices and managed the HTML5 development.

  • Need/Purpose

    In USA, or in any part of the world for that matter, applying for loans, debt or mortgage has always been an extremely tedious and time consuming process. Our Client is trying to solve the problem of this Complex Process of Applying for Loan at the Banks or Financial Institutions.
  • Approach & Solution

    As Stimulus had to take over the development of the application after the first version - our approach was to first, focus on the current app issues and to deliver the client’s expectations which were mainly around having intuitive User Experience (UI/UX) of the application. We managed the application architecture to stabilize the development and then we worked on the UI/UX to up lift the current version of the app. We upgraded the technologies versions of the back-end which is a PHP based Open Source Framework. Updating the older libraries and functions with new ones improved the overall experience and quality of the app.
  • Technology

    Ionic, Laravel, UI/UX
  • Duration

    6 Months


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