UX/UI Design Trends That You Should Know in 2021

We have brought you some of the newest UX/UI design trends that well help the User Interface designers to bring more creativity in their work, and upgrade their skills. So, let's get started!

When it comes to developing websites and mobile applications, one should never compromise with the user interface, and the core reason behind these are those gazillion people who are dependent on mobile for finding anything from food to booking tickets. There are tons of UI/UX design company that are putting all their efforts into adding new trends in their development procedure to make platforms simple for people to use. 

The IT world keeps on bringing new innovations, and hence people expect recent trends to be followed in the applications or web applications. Hence, we have brought you some of the newest UX/UI design trends that well help the User Interface designers to bring more creativity in their work, and upgrade their skills. So, let’s get started!

Top 5 UI/UX Design Trends in 2021 That You Should Know:

  1. Minimalism:

As we are discussing about the latest UI trends, Minimalism has to be the first in the list because the designers get an opportunity to have hands-on experience with amazing and unique elements, colour combinations, compositions, and more using which they can design a 3D or simple graphic or user-interface without doing too much of code. Multiple UI/UX design companies have already started using Minimalism, and soon others will also adopt this new trend.   

  1. Blurred but colourful background:

This is one of the newest trends roaming in the UI/UX industry. Till now, you might have seen websites & mobile applications with colourful backgrounds highlighting the brands, but now people want to see something new for which designers have started keeping blur backgrounds with perfect color combinations that gives the platform a lavishing, and attractive effect. 

Another option similar to this is using color gradients in which people get to see different shades starting from the lightest to darkest at the end. Not only designers use them for their creativity but the audience using the platforms also gets attracted by the gradient effects. The UI/UX design company has brought this feature into their designing habits to make sure they are delivering quality work to it’s clients. 

  1. Voice User Interface:

No one could have believed that one day will come when people will be able to listen to websites with the help of Voice user interface. The biggest advantage of using this feature is that designers don’t need to worry about the visuals to make this trend working. It keeps on running in the background, and many UI/UX design company have already implemented this feature. 

The voice user interface doesn’t have any front end part, it works by hiding at the backend, and its core responsibility is to sync itself with the data synthesis and context to give the right message. Designers have practised this trend in 2021, and it is expected that by the end of this year, we will have a few web applications or mobile applications where we will get a chance to enjoy this feature with the help of UI/UX design company. 

  1. Animated Illustrations:

Using illustrations in design is a common thing, and cannot be considered as a brand new trend of 2021. But, yes, the animated illustrations are unique for the UI/UX design company as they have to generate animated characters in their designs. 

As the name suggests, the animated illustrations can be used to give the human touch to the platforms and motions to the characters to make the platforms more engaging and attractive. 

  1. Microinteractions:

Microinteractions are seen in every website or mobile applications at the present time. There are some instances that will make you more apparent – like observing Instagram icons at the bottom, Facebook giving you popups to like, and more. 

Without the presence of micro-interactions, using a website or mobile applications will become a boring thing to do, and the youth, presently, are very keen to observe these things. 

So, masterminds UI/UX designers! You have time to think out of the box now and introduce new trends in your UI/UX design company to generate more revenue, and deliver fantastic platforms that will drive people crazy. Stay committed, and respect your work, and keep upgrading your skills with these latest UI/UX trends of 2021. 

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