Top 10 Popular React Native Apps of 2021

The React Native platform is a JavaScript framework. It allows you to implement mobile applications across platforms.

The React Native platform is a JavaScript framework. It allows you to implement mobile applications across platforms. React native apps are regularly used and very popular among mobile users.

Some of the famous react native apps are Facebook, Skype, Tesla, and Walmart.

You might be wondering by now, what are the prerequisites for using React Native?

You will need to have your basics of Javascript and React library cleared.

The platform has its own boilerplate. To get started with your first react native project, you can create a React Native app. 

It is the most straightforward approach to use react native for beginners.

If you are not as familiar with JavaScript as with Java or Swift, you do not have to worry. The application has JSX support for JavaScript for you to choose from a variety of platforms.

In other words, rather than writing HTML, use XML tag equivalents instead.

How did React Native begin?

React Native was first presented as a standalone product in 2015. However, it was actually made as a part of Facebook’s internal Hackathon project in 2013.

It extends the power of the JavaScript framework from websites to native mobile apps through a framework built on React Native. 

Facebook’s React framework is a critical component of the framework. The Ads Org at Facebook is where React was born. 

At the early stage, Facebook only created React Native for iOS. Due to the addition of Android support, the library can now run on both platforms.

Top 10 React Native Apps

1. Instagram

This application is one of the most popular software on the market.

The application was released in 2010, and its popularity grew shortly afterward. 

Instagram had already acquired 100,000 users in the first week. It was in 2016 that Instagram chose React Native for its native app. 

React for developer teams lets them make improvements to their iOS and Android apps very fast.

Also, since 85-90% of code is shared between iOS and Android applications, the cost was reduced significantly.

2. Facebook

React native in India was first introduced with the Facebook app.

From the beginning, Facebook has never remained just a website. Instead, it had the determination to evolve into a cross-platform app. 

This concept appeared unthinkable at the time, but it has now become a reality.

React Native took place from that idea. 

They figured that a new framework was required to suit particular mobile app demands. That is how we got the present Facebook app.

Reports state that the Facebook app has been downloaded a total of 16 billion times. In addition, Facebook itself has received an impressive 4.6 billion downloads from the App Store and Google Play.

3. Uber Eats 

Another example of an app that uses React native in India is Ubereats. It lets you order meals from your favorite restaurants.

Uber’s team had to rewrite its Restaurant Dashboard in React Native. By doing that, they were able to integrate restaurants, delivery partners, and diners.

React Native is a minor part of the UberEats ecosystem. Yet, the developers said they had had a positive experience using it. 

React for app developers made the dashboard one of the most popular features of UberEats.

4. Skype

We must talk about Skype when we think of the global use of React native. Skype announced a React native-based app in early 2017. 

The new Skype Android app was a complete redesign of Skype. Virtually every aspect of the program was overhauled, from its design to function. 

Almost every functionality available in the previous version has been carried over in the new Skype, and many new ones.

5. Pinterest

Pinterest is one of the most famous react native apps. Pinterest’s mobile app is the best for you to find inspiration. 

It is also great for exploring ideas for many aspects of your life. By implementing React for developers, the team was able to save time. 

Using the React native framework also lets them maintain a native feel and appearance.

6. Walmart

To become the worldwide leader in online retail, Walmart planned a dramatic move. They took their customer experience to the next level by using cutting-edge technology.

After adopting Node.js for their tech stack, Walmart created the entire application in React Native. 

Thus, it improved its performance on iOS and Android. This also helped them to complete the project in a short time.

7. Bloomberg

A high-quality mobile app was the priority for Bloomberg when it created its app. 

In addition, they wanted to provide users with tailored information and an enhanced user experience. 

For this reason, Bloomberg decided to use React Native for beginners.

With this cross-platform design, Bloomberg engineers were able to quickly and easily rebuild the app. They rebuilt the app for Android and iOS and also added several novel features. 

Engineers were able to complete the process in 5 months using native technology. Otherwise, the process could have taken almost ten months.

8. Discord 

As another excellent example of the global use of React Native, Discord sets a new standard. It lets gamers talk to each other and record voice messages. 

They can speak with team members, see availability, and have conversations in Discord.

98% of the code between Discord’s iOS and Android applications is the same. 

This example shows how React native can be very useful to develop apps even under time constraints.

9. SoundCloud Pulse 

SoundCloud Pulse helps fans and creators interact. This is one of the most famous react native apps. 

In this app, interactions comes in handy through account management and community interaction.

As SoundCloud developed, it encountered many obstacles. Specifically, the developers couldn’t find adequate iOS developers. 

In response, the company selected React Native. The Soundcloud team still uses this React for app developers.

10. Wix

Wix offers a platform that allows users to create and manage websites. Additionally, this mobile application has every modern functionalities just because of powerful framework React native.

As an independent learning program, Wix provides an online React Native crash course. 

It teaches react native for beginners to help developers gain a solid understanding. The course has been open-sourced since May 2019. 

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Wrap Up

With these big names, you quickly understand how valuable React Native technology is. You can also get an idea of how it can be used in your projects. 

Its active community is another strong reason to choose it. Thanks to our top 10 React Native Apps of 2021, we hope you have gained a better understanding of how exciting these apps can be. 

Despite coming from entirely different industries, they have one thing in common – all are extremely popular. Our react native developer will provide you every single aspect of your business or information as well as the design and the architecture will give a user smoothness to navigate.

React Native is an excellent solution for building user experiences and performance. Hence, you should consider React Native if you are unsure which technology to use for mobile apps.

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