10 Key Advantages To Choose React-Native for Your Project

Our world is rapidly becoming digitalized. Hundreds of applications are being released every day. Mobile app downloads are expected to approach 250 billion by 2022.

Our world is rapidly becoming digitalized. Hundreds of applications are being released every day. Mobile app downloads are expected to approach 250 billion by 2022. Let’s talk about “Why should you choose react native?”.

The numbers show that smartphones have played a significant role in this increase. So, businesses have begun investing in technology solutions to capitalize on growth opportunities.

Various users of modern cellphones need different operating systems. The reason for that is that different phones have different operating systems. 

This brings us to another topic – your phone is likely to run on either Android or iOS. A company that desires to profit should, thus, consider cross-platform application development.

With cross-platform apps, you can develop apps for both iOS and Android platforms. If you create a cross-platform app, you will need a single codebase. Also, during the worldwide Pandemic, businesses and individuals needed specific mobile applications. 

These apps would assist them in adapting to “the new normal,” such as on-demand services. Advantages of React Native over Flutter are its easy development and flexible design,

What is react native, and why should you choose react native?

React native is a free, open-source javascript framework. It is used to build native apps for mobile platforms such as Android and iOS. 

The Javascript programming language, on the other hand, is well-known. It is highly reliable and widely regarded for its permutability.

Businesspeople and developers may choose React Native or Hybrid technologies when developing mobile applications. 

Native and hybrid technologies are the two major factions of the mobile app industry. The benefits of learning react native is that it gives a way to circumvent each camp simultaneously.

Developers can now build Android, iOS, and other platforms using the same building blocks as React and JavaScript. 

Native app providers offer superior UI/UX. In the same way, JavaScript delivers the hybrid app development environment. React native material UI is a characteristic of the Hybrid App development environment.

Best react native development company.

You should look for both hard and soft abilities while looking for a react native developer. First, investigate the developer’s past. Are they knowledgeable? 

Do they have any professional qualifications? What is their current degree of skill in React native element? Second, look at the company’s reputation. How many customers have they served so far? 

Do they have a customer list that incorporates well-known names? Finally, information about the firm’s financial status informs a lot about the organization. These points will help you in choosing the best react native development company.

Key Advantages of React-Native

The following are some of the advantages of react native development. Go through it to understand why React is the ideal choice for your next project.

1. Community-driven

React Native is an open-source framework. So, react developers have free access to all essential documentation. It also allows people to contribute to it freely anytime they wish.

The availability of developers to help newcomers through forum conversations is another perk. They can check the code or existing projects for beginners and provide criticism. Overall, it gives the development community an exceptional and collaborative experience. At StimulusCo, You will find out that we are entirely dedicated to collaborating as developers as well as advisors.

2. Efficient Performance

Native apps are considered to be superior to any other programming language performance-wise. 

On the other hand, React-native runs like native software. It leverages the processing power of graphics processors, thus accelerating applications.

The core component of React Native UI is used in react apps for a better user experience. To ensure a seamless and improved user experience, apps look and behave just like native apps.

3. Cost & Time efficient

You only need to develop an app in JavaScript once when utilizing React Native. In contrast, a Native approach requires two separate applications for iOS and Android

In addition, by using React Native, you avoid having to hire two development teams. As a result, you can save twice as much money in construction and maintenance.

Its quick development time is one of the fascinating aspects of React Native. By using the core component of react native, the process can speed up. By using React Native, developers can reduce their development time by 40%. 

Designing the same project for Android and iOS would cost more money and time.

4. Code reusability

The advantage of React native over Flutter is the ability to reuse code. React developers do not need to develop mobile apps independently for each platform. 

In the case of Android and iOS, it is not possible. Instead, it is possible to create 90% of the framework with just one line of code with React Native base. 

This will reduce development costs and time. Also, you can reuse the code from the online app development in React when creating a mobile app.

5. Flexible framework

React Native apps can be used, maintained, and hosted across different platforms. Additionally, if only one developer is working on a code, the other can jump in at any time. They can pick up where the single developer left off.

The benefit of learning react native is that developers can develop test cases very fast. In addition, react developers can update and change mobile applications quickly with the flexibility feature. 

Also, if the firm intends to move the entire platform to a new framework, react developers can do so. They can export the project from React Native and Android Studio or Xcode and move forward.

6. Hot/Live Reloading

Live reloading allows users to refresh the code quickly. As a result, developers can use this feature with the most efficiency. The local state of code is kept if the page is refreshed with live reloading.

React-native also offers hot reloading, which is a definite advantage. Live reloading and hot reloading only have a couple of minor differences. 

When a program is reloaded live, the entire program is refreshed. Hot reloading only updates or modifies the database. It maintains the application’s original state.

7. Comprehensive libraries

When you use react native, you receive pre-developed core components of react-native. That is why choosing react native is a wise choice for you.

It means that the code is already written for you; all you need to do is use it. It also has various libraries to help with the complete app development process.

A bug-free application is made possible thanks to libraries like Enzyme, Jest, Mocha, and Chai. In addition, a development tool called Expo can track our application’s progress. 

By linting, possible problems in a file are uncovered. This can be achieved by using the ESLint package. Prototypes and flows speed up type verification, among other things.

Facebook Ad manager

The Facebook Ads Manager app for Android was the first to use the React Native Platform.


In 2016, the Instagram development team was exposed to React Native. First, they experimented with Push Notifications. Currently, Android and iOS apps share 85 to 99 percent of the code.


In 2017, their team began work on a new application that would extensively use React Native. In addition, they revamped the existing app to incorporate new functionality.


Pinterest React Native developed its onboarding process, the Topic Picker view. However, because users see this view as soon as they join up, they feel it needs to be smoothed out.

There are so many applications that use React Native. Some of them are Walmart, Wix.com, Airbnb, Soundcloud Pulse, etc.

For more in-depth information regarding Apps developed using the React-Native framework you should checkout below mentioned Article.

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Our React Native App Development services let you build rich mobile apps quickly. With prebuilt components and a lively community, the development experience is excellent. It is fast and low-cost. 

It has a super-efficient code sharing feature across mobile, tablet, online platforms. The apps built with this are also of very high quality, which company owners can benefit from.  

Despite the fair share of disadvantages of react native, it has proven to be better than the alternatives. So considering everything, for your next cross-platform mobile app, you should definitely choose React Native. For any inquiries, reach out to us.

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