Why develop an application for e-commerce business

e-commerce business demand increased rapidly in past two years because of covid 19. e-commerce mobile app development is must to sustain

In case you already didn’t notice, the app development for the e-commerce industry has seen the most exponential growth in the past couple of years. With the evolution of technology and the internet, e-commerce business has taken over physical markets. 

Now e-commerce businesses must have websites and mobile applications. Especially after the pandemic when people cannot go to crowded places or avoid touching things as much as possible. Consumers prefer mobile e-commerce applications by Android App development or iOS app development services. It helps them shop even when they are on the move. You can hire app developers in India for your e-commerce android or IOS app development. 

It will provide you with endless opportunities like interacting with customers. Also, offering discounts and deals through notifications, and presenting a pleasant and shopping experience.  

If you are still looking for reasons for your mobile app development for e-commerce business. Then, go through this article to explain the privileges of hiring App Developers in India for Android or iOS App development.  

A loyal base of customers in the e-commerce business: 

Amongst other reasons for mobile app development for e-commerce is slow loading websites might cause you to lose a lot of potential customers. In today’s fast-paced world, people’s attention span has reduced significantly. Since mobile apps can perform essential functions offline, the chances of the customer getting frustrated are less.  

Apps’ UI is very user-friendly compared to websites because it does not require a stable internet connection all-time. 

Increasing M-commerce:  

Better quality of UI/UX, easy navigation, adaptability all these factors result in increased conversion from e-commerce to m-commerce. This is the most appropriate time to hire an app developer in India and get into e-commerce app development because Covid-19 has changed the shopping dynamic completely.

Most of the world population use a smartphone and resort to online shopping from their phone for convenience. Statistically, 75% of smartphone users have at least one e-commerce application installed.  

Mobile apps allow you to interact with users better. You get more data for detailed analysis resulting in more accurate personalization of contents and enhanced recommendation followed by more engagement and conversion.  

Ecommerce App Development
e-commerce App development

Marketing like never before: 

Also, the perk of e-commerce app development is that android apps or IOS apps can use the device’s built-in functions, unlike the website. The mobile app can improve audience engagement by using the mic or camera feature of the phone. The GPS function of the phone will allow your e-commerce application to obtain the user’s location for delivery purposes.  

Thirdly, push notification’s ability to attract customers is magnificent. The teams of android app development and IOS app development created this fantastic feature. You can send messages of discount deals to the user’s home screen. When a user gets a push notification, their opening is very high compared to mail. Notifications can be personalized to the user’s language, which is a great advantage. 

Other than these, mobile apps provide new sales opportunities, increase retention rates, improve the value of average order, reduce the rate of a significant issue of abandonment of cart. 

Now, if you are ready to hire an app developer in India for your e-commerce app development. However, wondering how much it would cost, keep reading! 

The cost of an E-commerce mobile app development: 

The development cost depends on multiple factors. 

Project managers, designers, engineers, developers’ salaries can be hefty. To cut the cost, hire an app developer in India

The web service provider, social media integration, marketing, maintenance, infrastructure, and support for the app must keep all these in mind. The cost also highly depends on the platform you are building your app on. The cost and time complexity of android app development is higher than that of iOS app development.  

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