Does your business need mobile App development?

mobile app development is a very essential for each business industries because people prefer easy and handy.

We need an mobile app Development…!

It is a standard opening of several businesses and startups who are in a very early stage. Be it an idea or just a concept note, the first thing most of the aspiring entrepreneurs zeroing on is an “App”.

Mobile app development for any business
mobile app development

Do you really need an app or not –  let’s understand how to determine that and a couple of cases: App is not a business in most cases, but it is an enabler or a vehicle to the growth of your existing businesses. Mobile or Web apps also go through several stages and even after making a decision to have an app –  it is left to determine what would be the scope and development timeline. For the businesses who are selling products, an app is not required unless a specific workflow or purpose is derived.

Most products are being sold through major online platforms these days and in order to actually sell that product –  all you need to do is list your products on one or more of those platforms. For the businesses that are selling services, the requirement of the mobile or web app depends on the service delivery and business model. Is the app your delivery platform? E.g. E-books subscription-like Kindle. In that case, an app could be a mandatory requirement. But if you are selling a Car Washing service, you rather deliver a neat, timely, affordable car wash instead of worrying about the app. Case 1: Car Washing Service While consulting one of the startups which sold on-site car washing services, clients were adamant about having app.

Chief Consultant at Stimulus Co suggested completely otherwise. With the initial planning, communication design, service design, and cost-revenue projections  –  the service was launched with a brochure, brand and a phone number. The team made 75K rupees in the first month of business and without an app for which they are happy to spend 400-500K on day one. Case 2: Tours & Travel Company Another young team was looking for a travel portal, listing all kinds of travel packages, booking facilities, hotels, flights, etc.

Stimulus Co again advised otherwise having assessed there is nothing innovative about the portal. Knowing the strength of the client in crafting the best itineraries and having a strong network of travel agents at the hotels and local transport – Stimulus Co-advised and planned a campaign with an excel sheet. The biggest winner was to create a brand. The business which was called “VSM Travels” was named “Ghuma Kya” (घुमाऊ क्या?) — this just didn’t give the meaningful touch but also the brand to which users can connect visually. A one page website was also created just to showcase major packages and collect leads. They ended up making close to 950K rupees of business at the end of their first year. This too without any system, app, or software.

Both of these cases and there are some others, which clearly suggest that it is important to identify the need of an hour for a particular business at a particular time. Apps and technologies are the enablers and growth engines once the business melts into a right shape and size and starts sustaining through consistent revenues. We love to hear new ideas and we enjoy crafting sustainable businesses out of these ideas with the use of processes, branding, resource design and technology.

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