10 Ways to Enhance the UX for Web

We all know that websites are the most powerful marketing tools. This is the same case for types of business. Not to mention, a new website can act as a salesperson.

We all know that websites are the most powerful marketing tools. This is the same case for types of business. Not to mention, a new website can act as a salesperson. A properly designed website can leave a good impression on the customer.

UX is the basics of website design. You can easily get regular customers if you have a robust UX design. Most importantly, you need to follow digital trends that are continuously evolving. 

If you do not do so, your website will remain old and outdated. We have given a list of 10 ways to enhance the UX of your website. 

How to Enhance Website’s UX Design? 

The points mentioned below can be easily achieved if you hire a UI designer to enhance your website. 

1. Focus on usability before the design

Usability is one of the building blocks of a website. There are many websites nowadays that look like simple dummies. They actually cannot be used. The website’s design might be beautiful, but the page does not respond to the users. 

This means that the users cannot perform any desired action on the website. To solve this, you need to focus on the navigation and the content. First, decide what you expect from the customers. After that, place the content at proper places where the users can take action. ,

2. Site speed is essential!

Imagine going to a website to buy a product, and the website takes 5 minutes to load. This is a significant thing that can frustrate the customers. Further,  if this is repeated, you will lose many potential customers. But, of course, you must check this factor. 

The most important thing to do is compress all the images before loading them on your website. Basically, the file size of an image can slow down your page. Hiring a UX/UI designer freelance is better to solve this problem. Freelancers are the best for solving minimal problems.

3. Harness the power of White Space

You might feel that there is too much white space on your website most of the time. However, there is a reason for the white space. 

White space is necessary for a good design. It makes the content more legible. In addition, it allows the user to focus on the elements around the text.

Moreover, having white space on your website can feel more open, fresh, and modern. On the other hand, too much use of white space can take up a lot of space. 

Thus, you cannot fit a lot of content. Instead, you can look for mobile UI/UX design services to get your website fixed. 

4. Ensure your responsive design works

Every person owns a smartphone. People use these smartphones to scroll through websites. Also, sometimes people might use tablets. For example, they might even use a laptop or a desktop. People are really unpredictable. 

This is why you need to have a responsive design. If you do so, then you will not have to worry about the device your customer is using. 

Instead, your website will be available on all types of devices. You can hire a UI designer to make your website responsive. 

5. Make Unique Elements Visually Distinct

The final website must have unique and visually distinct elements. In simple words, you have to make it easy for the users to find whatever they are looking for. 

If your website is not visually distinct, users will find it hard to conduct simple actions. To make your website visually distinct, you can make the Call-to-action buttons stand out, make the search field easily visible, have text readability, have an eye-friendly design, and more. You can look for UI/UX design services in India or USA to get the work done. 

6. Flow: Stabilize Consistency of the User Flow 

In the case of design, flow actually means that the customers move from one part of the website to another effortlessly. 

This means the customers can reach their goals smoothly. Basically, a clear design framework gives a seamless experience to the customers. 

You have to think about what the next step of the user will be. Also, keep in mind the dead-end pages. These pages must be avoided throughout the user’s journey.

7. Adopt a Super Critical Pair of Eyes on Your Homepage

When a customer visits your website, the homepage is the first thing they see. Not to mention, you cannot include everything on the homepage. 

Although this might be true, your homepage must show your branding, message, and navigation tools. Additionally, you might keep small and simple content on the homepage. 

You can design the homepage as per your wish. Above all, link your homepage to a news or blog page, content page, about page, and a contact page. You can easily do this if you hire a UX UI designer in India or USA. 

8. Make your site mobile-friendly and responsive

Did you know that Google is penalizing sites that aren’t optimized for mobile devices? As a matter of fact, this is absolutely true. 

Technologies have advanced and brought everything inside a phone. Not to mention, most people would look up a website on their phones. In that case, if your website is not mobile-friendly, you lose a bunch of clients. Thus, a mobile-friendly and responsive website design is very important. 

9. Stay on Top of 404s and Other Issues

As a customer, We would want to immediately go to the next page. At such a moment, if we face error 404, we will be disappointed. Further, we would not want to revisit the page. 

Thus you need to solve any such errors if you do not want to lose customers. Additionally, make sure your user can get back on track if they land on a 404 error page. You can avail of UI/UX design services in the USA or India to get this fixed. 

10. Ensure Your Entire Site is “On-Brand.”

It is widespread for companies to stay on-trend. As a matter of fact, they ignore their brand identity entirely to follow trends. 

In reality, the needs of the customers are ignored too. Most importantly, if your website does not portray your brand or its missions and goals, your customers will not be able to connect with your brand. 

Above all, if you cannot form a connection, you will get lost among the 100s of similar-looking websites. 


You already know about the importance of a good UX design. We have also mentioned some points that will help you enhance your website design. 

If you can follow up on these points, you will have a user-friendly and responsive website design. Above all, a user-friendly, well-designed, and responsive website will help you turn your potential customers into regular customers. 

Thus, do not lie behind in the market with a slow and unresponsive website. Instead, you can use the help of mobile UI/UX design services to enhance your website design. 

You can contact us any time with your requirements of UI/UX designing.  

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