Reimagining Businesses

Stimulus has been working with various business since 5 years and we ourselves have transitioned in our goals from “Enabling Businesses” to “Reimagining Businesses”.


We Reimagine Businesses to Help Them Grow.

While we help other businesses to evolve, become efficient and grow – we too have found our niche strength. One can consider a person’s beginner’s luck. From supporting, enabling, we have been able to participate in various early stages of a business.

Stimulus is more of a strategic business partner or technology partner, beyond being just a consultant. From the idea stage, Stimulus is equipped to play a value-driven role to provide business consulting services to startups, small – medium – large businesses from various industries like healthcare, finance and banking, retail, manufacturing, education, automobile, and so on.

The Vision

Ideas have power and we aim to play the ignition to these powerful ideas. We love doing what we do by converting these ideas into sustainable businesses. With our umbrella of consulting, coworking and technology, we aim to create a holistic ecosystem for our clients and fulfill their need of 3SP (a studied concept developed by the founder of Stimulus).

How we work

Engagement Models

We build a team on your behalf.

You can hire one more tech person or consultant on a full-time or part-time basis dedicatedly working with you in monthly billing model

  • Best suitable for projects that require long-term and dedicated involvement

  • Helps the team stay focused as they work on a single project

  • We build and manage the tech team while you grow the business

Build your own team through us


We build your product end-to-end.

Got something to build? We will gather the full requirements from you and share a fixed cost for the scope of work which will be delivered in a fixed timeline.

  • Suitable for projects that have a well-defined requirement

  • A Scope of Work is created in an understanding call. The Cost & Time Estimate is shared with you afterwards& open source

  • Once approved, we start working on it and deliver the entire project in the promised timeline.

Get your product built in a fixed time & cost


We work diligently to analyze and build.

If the exact scope of work or volume is unclear, we provide development and consulting services on hourly basis

  • Suitable for projects that require more analysis and study

  • Proper reporting, sprint planning is done regularly to ensure complete efficiency

  • Gives the team the freedom to invest their skills and build scalable, high-quality products

Let us take care of everything.



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